The 30 Minute Master Series is designed to give you short, concentrated doses of key practice management and practice building information so you can master your practice. Each 30 Minute Master focuses on a vital aspect of practice development, so you can collect all the strategies for chiropractic success and refer to them as needed.

Hear expert coaches and consultants present essential material on office procedure, new patient attraction, patient education, money management, staff optimization, and more. The specific instructions for assembling the nuts and bolts into your dream practice are now available in small chunks so they’re easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to shape to your own style and practice philosophy.

1: Consultation/History/Exam

2: Report of Finding

3: Patient Education

4: Office Policies

5: Health Care Class

6: Asking For Referrals

7: Re-Examination

8: Staff Training

9: Hiring and Firing

10: Money Management

11: The Wellness Practice

12: Adjusting

13: Coaching Your Patients To A Lifetime of Care

14: Chiropractic Philosophy

15: The Ideal Office Visit

16: New Patient Attraction

17: Overcoming Objections

18: The Appointment Process

19: The Recall System

20: Profitability Procedures

21: Goal Setting & Achievment

22: Marketing

23: Practice Building

24: Personal Growth