This 9-hour library covers the brain based wellness questions to ask new patients to shift the trajectory of this new relationship, how to master the day one exam for superior conversion and compliance, the day two report of findings, the essential keys to PVA mastery, understanding the secrets of certainty, brain wellness communication that truly moves people, how to create endless new patients, the new rules for re-exams, the new rules of profitability along with specific action steps to create your ideal practice.

1. The New Rules to Master the Day One History and Consultation-Transforming Relationships
2. The New Rules to Master the Day One Exam-Guarantee Instant Conversion and Compliance
3. The New Day Two Report of Findings-The Multimillion Dollar Report
4. The New Rules of Retention and Compliance-The Keys to PVA Mastery
5. The New Mindset of Success-Understanding the Secret to Certainty
6. The New Rules of World Class Communication-Learn What it Takes to Move People into Action
7. The New Rules of Superstar Attractability-Creating Endless New Patients
8. The New Rules of Re-Exams-The Magic of Recommitment
9. The New Rules for Rituals and Routines-A Day in the Life of a Master
10.The New Rules of Profitability-Expanding What’s Possible for Financial Freedom