This 9-hour training program is designed to help expand your skill set on mastering communication, significantly improving new patient conversion, taking your patient compliance to all-time highs and discussing patient finances in a way that will generate rapid and sustainable growth.

1. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Your Ideal Practice…The Next Generation
2. Dr. Dennis Perman- The Transformation of Chiropractic Consciousness
3. Dr. Richard Barwell- The Essential Shift to Functional Neurology
4. Cynthia Porter- The Necessity for Brain Based Wellness
5. Dr. Bob Hoffman- The Evolution of Practice Success- Emerging Practice Trends
6. Dr. Bob Hoffman- The Integration of Wellness and Quality of Life
7. Dr. Dennis Perman- The New Financial Plan for Prosperity and Abundance
8. Dr. Dennis Perman- The Bigger the Dream, The More Important the Team
9. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Essential Implementation for Practice Mastery