The Power To Heal

Video recordings of some of the profession’s key leaders teaching the latest cutting edge material will leave you feeling like you truly have the power to make a difference in your patients’ lives.

Dive in and discover this amazing, life-changing material:
– Dr. Bob Hoffman: Who Heals the Healer?
– Dr. Rob DeMartino: The Power of Physics in Healing
– Dr. John Minardi: The Vertebral Subluxation Complex and its Effect on The Stress Response
– Dr. Dennis Perman: The Identity of the Brain Based Healer
– Dr. Tedd Koren: The Three Key Secrets to Optimize Healing
– Dr. George Gonzalez: How to Activate lnnate’s Healing Power
– Dr. Patrick Porter: Healing Concussions with Full Spectrum Brain Wave Integration
– Dr. Francis Murphy: The Polyvagal Effects on Healing
– Dr. Carolyn McMakin: The Bioelectric Nature of Healing
– Dr. Heidi Haavik: Beyond a Doubt; Adjusting The Spine Changes Brain Function

  • Get practical tips on growing and transforming your practice
  • Simplify chiropractic philosophy so every patient can understand
  • Discover where Innate Consciousness meets Functional Neurology
  • Embrace the language of brain-based wellness to build lifetime patients
  • Learn from the profession’s finest researchers, influencers and brain scientists