9 amazing and practical hours of cutting edge material to show you the exact step by step plan to build your ideal practice and life. Learn how to optimize your practice, produce the miracles that chiropractic is famous for, learn the philosophy of success and master the relationship business.

1. Dr. Bob Hoffman – Standards of Excellence The Masters Circle Way

2. Dr. Dennis Perman – Optimizing Your Practice

3. Dr. Bob Hoffman – Producing the Miracles Chiropractic is Famous For

4. Dr. Dennis Perman – Producing the Miracles Chiropractic is Famous For (Part 2)

5. Dr. Bob Hoffman – The Philosophy of Success

6. Dr. Bob Hoffman – The 20/80 Rule for Maximum Growth

7. Dr. Dennis Perman – The Trap of No Man’s Land and How to Get Out of It

8. Dr. Dennis Perman – The Power of Personal Growth

9. Dr. Bob Hoffman – Mastering the Relationship Business