Just imagine your practice growing, expanding in your daily visits, becoming far more profitable, and consistently producing the miracles that chiropractic is famous for while developing a patient base of raving fans that trust you, respect you and frequently refer to you.

This amazing 12 hour, 12 module boot camp will appeal to all doctors of chiropractic, at a fraction of the cost of just one new patient! With Drs. Bob Hoffman & Richard Barwell.

1. The Power of Intent

2. From Pain to Brain

3. Instrumentation in Practice Today

4. The Elegance of Simplicity

5. Your Practice Can Never Outgrow Your Leadership

6. Eliminating Unreal Expectations

7. Systems are the Solution

8. BAM in Practice Success

9. The New Market for Chiropractic

10. Frequency, Duration and Intensity

11. Increasing Your Outreach

12. How to Build the Best Team to Support your Purpose