This 12 hour program will teach you the absolute fundamental steps necessary to effectively educate, empower and engage your patients so they consistently choose on-going chiropractic care. This information will grow your practice, drive your PVA through the roof and improve your clinical results. With Drs. Bob Hoffman and Tedd Koren.

1. Why Patient Education & Why Patient Compliance?

2. The Power of Persuasion

3. The Key to Retention is Intention

4. How Expert Retention will Transform Your Practice

5. What Superstars Do Before the Report of Findings

6. The Quintessential Report of Findings that Produces Outstanding Compliance

7. The On-Going Chiropractic Patient Curriculum

8. Advanced Patient Education, Empowerment & Engagement Systems

9. Your Office as an Educational Center

10. The Essential Health Care Class or How to Speak & Grow Rich

11. Concepts & Consciousness for Outstanding Compliance & Commitment

12. Setting Your Reputation on Fire with Community Outreach