If there is one area of study that makes the difference between a good practice and a great one, it’s the ability to convey the chiropractic story in a compelling and accessible way. In “Mastering The Message,” you will experience a thorough and uplifting course in patient education, updated into today’s language, and presented in a practical way to truly influence how your patients think and behave.

Drs. Bob Hoffman and Dennis Perman have developed and refined this communications technology over decades of research and hands-on application, time tested and currently being used in hundreds of offices worldwide. These recordings are the distilled wisdom of those tools and techniques, presented live in London, and offered here for your expanded success.

Listen to these six programs and transform your practice with communication skills that will help you build your ideal practice.

1. The Seven Timeless Virtues of Successful Communication – These seven powerful concepts will guide you toward communicating like the masters do – with
certainty, conviction, relevance and love.

2. The Ten Essential Elements of the Report of Findings – Learn how to get patients to commit to their own wellbeing by showing them how making such a commitment
suits their ultimate needs.

3. Six Tools To Improve Your Presentation Skills – Turbo-charge your talks by putting these advanced speaking skills in your toolbox, and watch your patients
respond as you weave them into your presentations.

4. Giving The Ultimate Health Care Class – Hear how an expert engages a chiropractic audience and moves them toward better health and better compliance.

5. The Best Way To Educate Your Patients – People can grasp your concepts better if you choose simple language and give them a bit of information at a time.
This system will streamline and simplify the process so your patients understand.

6. The Five Love Languages and Action Plans For your Growth – Tap into a chiropractic application of a best-selling book and recognize the different ways you can
influence your patients and prospective patients, based on their preferred method of communication.