There is no shortage of stressed-out people in your community. The only question is how will they discover what can help them and who can provide it? The answer is YOU!

The Event Driven Practice: Discover Wellness Edition is your most effective way to position your practice as your community's wellness center.

Create an entire 12 months of wellness-oriented events that are easy to implement, fun to do and effective for growing your practice.

If you want to make a greater impact in your community, then you want to have an Event Driven Practice.

What others are saying … “The Event Driven Practice has revolutionized my practice. I am now attracting my ideal wellness-based patients and practicing has become so much fun!”

“The Event Driven Practice is a must have for any wellness professional. My PVA has soared through the roof, I have doubled my new patient numbers, the office morale is fantastic and my energy has never been this great!”

“The simplicity and effectiveness of The Event Driven Practice goes beyond what words can say. The flyers are beautifully designed and easy to customize and the step-by-step instructions that come with each event are simple to follow. It will change you and your practice for the better.”

The Event Driven Practice comes fully equipped with:

1. Customizable flyers for 36 yearly events

2. Step-by-step instructions on how to make each event successful

3. Two audio programs with tips on how to jump start your marketing calendar

4. A guide book with insider secrets on how to run the most successful Event Driven Practice

Stephanie ‘Bassan’ Schmulian specializes in chiropractic marketing and public relations. As a skillful trainer, her ideas, support and enthusiasm inspire and motivate Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants to greater achievement. An accomplished writer and event planner, her designs and details are found throughout the numerous new patient generating activities and flyers for The Event Driven Practice.

Dr. Jason A. Deitch Dr. Jason A. Deitch is the founder of the Discover Wellness Center, an emerging leader in cutting edge wellness care. Combining the skills of a variety of health care professionals with the latest technology and revolutionary concepts, Dr. Deitch is redefining our approach to health care.