Join Drs. Bob Hoffman & Patrick Porter for an 8 hour, 8 module boot camp that will teach you how to transform your practice from bone to brain quickly, easily & profitably… The Brain-Based Wellness Cash Practice!

With 8 hours of intensive training via webinars, supplemental documents, research articles, bonus audio programs & more, at a fraction of what you can potentially earn in your first week using it, you will finally learn the secrets for personal & practice success.

1. Brain-Based Wellness: What it is & Why You Must Master it
2. How to Add $50,000 to $100,000 to Your Bottom Line
3. Incorporating BBW for Quicker & More Sustainable Clinical Outcomes, Better Retention & Compliance, and Increased Profitability
4. The Most Effective Ways to Integrate BBW into a Chiropractic Practice
5. The BBW Marketing System for Untold Riches
6. Office Systems & Flow: Your Key to Maximum Profitability
7. Implementation: Your Key to Lasting Results
8. The Bottom-Line, Review & Action Steps for Success