Join Dr. Bob Hoffman as he takes the next step in the evolution of the chiropractic profession. Featuring 8 of the most distinguished neurologically based chiropractors, these 10 modules explore how to overcome the sympathetic survivaly syndrome and advance chiropractic to create a new gold standard for practice.

The 10 Modules Include:

1. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Setting the Stage & Maximizing the Program

2. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Brain Based Wellness-The New Chiropractic Story

3. Dr. George Gonzalez- The Holographic Nervous System

4. Dr. Richard Barwell- The 4 Major Brain Dysfunctions & How they Alter the Adjustment

5. Dr. Tim Merrick- What is the New Intent & Purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment?

6. Dr. Jared Leon- The New Conversation & the Visit by Visit Protocol

7. Dr. Francis Murphy- The Polyvagal Connection to Health & Wellness

8. Dr. Rob Melillo- Adjusting Unilaterally in the New Model

9. Dr. Rob DeMartino- Metabolic Support to Neurologic Healing

10. Roundtable Discussion & Specific Action Steps