If you would like more people to serve, or would like to get more ideal new patients to grow your practice and income, these tools, techniques, concepts and strategies can help you solve this problem, once & for all.

Where do new patients come from?

Why do some doctors have problems with new business, while others easily attract many new patients to serve?

How can you increase your new patient flow, or bring in more high quality, ideal patients?

These questions and many more are answered in this collection of 8 webinars, taught by Dennis Perman, DC, offering you the distilled wisdom of over 30,000 of coaching successful chiropractors over the last 25 years.

This program is packed with ideas, both the tried and true traditional methods, and the cutting edge approaches of tomorrow.

The 8 Modules Include: (1 hour each)
1. Capacity and Attraction, The Secrets to “New Patients Every Day” Revealed
2. Referrals Made Easy
3. Networking with Professionals for New Patient Referrals
4. New Patient Abundance Through Public Speaking
5. Effective Promotions and 5 X 5 Marketing
6. How to Use Social Media to Attract New Patients
7. Back End Fronting
8. Building Your New Patient Machine